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If you are ready to build a deck, then you have to know the right dimension of deck boards. Decking is an art that not only adds beauty and value to your outdoor living space but also identifies and expands the use of this space for your enjoyment.

You need to decide the lumber sizes that are generally provided in nominal measurements. You can set the dimension precisely before it is surfaced and this is the final measurement. Make sure about the dimension of deck boards before purchasing from the source.

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Different major sorts of deck boards-

Picking the correct deck boards is important. You can select one of the best deck boards based on standard, cost, maintenance, and durability. Following are certain types of deck boards that you can use-

Polymer deck boards-

Polymer deck boards don’t contain wood or other organic materials and are made from plastic. If you are considering the synthetic option for decking, then it could be great material. These boards are backed by warranty and available with less maintenance and cleaning. You can easily nail and screw things into polymer decks and they don’t fade when getting in contact with direct sunlight and resistant to mold, rotting. However, they are a little expensive but can save money for a long time.

Timber deck boards-

Timber deck boards are widely popular in recent years owing to their relatively low cost and easy-to-install feature. DIY-er can easily build a timber deck without any trouble. It can add elegance, a dramatic and aesthetically pleasing effect to your outdoor space. They are quicker and easier to maintain. Just need to follow a few simple instructions and use our Plank Rite® Decking Tool. They are not expensive and perfect for both level and sloping gardens. However, the price may vary from more expensive hardwoods to affordable treated pine.

PVC deck boards-

It is mostly used by contractors and homeowners currently. Being a composite decking and with the use of UV blockers, it is remarkably stain-resistant and fades resistant. You can get a natural wood grain appearance and an authentic look by using PVC deck boards. It can involve color-matched face screws or a hidden fastener and easy to maintain. They are mostly backed by fade and stain warranties with the product warranty. It can give a great5 looking deck for your outdoor space.

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